March 2017 | Guatemala

Hello my people,

It is with great joy that I once again share with you on behalf of Chima Medical Missions International (CMMI), that I just completed a very successful medical and surgical mission in collaboration with the North American Taiwanese Medical Association (NATMA), in various parts of the beautiful country, Guatemala.

In brief, our robust team of 61 medical and non-medical volunteers comprised of multiple disciplines (medical, dental, pharmaceutical, surgical, nursing, acupuncture, optometric, students, technical, etc) provided great care to about 4,000 people, including about 35 operations in three days! The medical team travelled to four different areas of the country for their mission, while our surgical team was based in the public Amatitlan hospital.

The success of this large but well organized mission depends on the leadership of NATMA, the unwavering support of the Taiwanese Ambassador to Guatemala and his staff, the Guatemalan government including SOSEP, and the local healthcare providers and medical students/interpreters that work with us.

Many lives were touched and changed for the better as attested by the smiles on the recipients’ face.
All remaining medications and supplies were donated to the hospital and SOSEP, an organization in charge of social welfare under the directorship of the beautiful and elegant First Lady Patricia Marroquin de Morales.
While we were there a deadly house fire accident that claimed many children’s lives occurred and the whole country mourned, with the flag flown half staff. NATMA played a leadership role by also donating thousands of dollars to help them. The Taiwanese Embassy did the same. We also offered to assist their emergency response team and surgeons in caring for the burned survivors.

Besides caring for patients and making donations, we exchanged skills with the local surgeons, taught students, and established new friendships and networks. Specifically, we visited one of the medical schools, Universidad Rafael Landivar, and had a meaningful conversation with the Dean, Dr. Lopez, on possible future collaborations.
To God be the glory honor and praise. We pray that He may guide me and another team on the next mission to Nigeria soon.

Thanks for your support and prayers.
Remain blessed, Cliff Eke, MD, FACS

Mission Photos